E-commerce by expressive.


We offer E-commerce services that are authentic to your company. Across brand curation, design implementation, and upkeep, we’re a business that’s passionate about well, businesses.

Leverage Our Business Acumen To Your Advantage

We take an open-minded approach to every client – we understand your existing audience and pride ourselves on growing it. We know every brand is different. It’s our passion and nous to quickly understand what sets you apart. Amplifying those traits, we use our previous proven experience to grow your business efficiently.

We utilise our technical knowhow with open dialogues to create strong bonds. Whether it’s a short-term project or ongoing alliance, we want our relationships to create long lasting impressions.

Lead In The Digital Economy With An Online Shopfront

expressive is all about understanding the current online environment and where it’s heading. We easily apply this to business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business operations. The internet is a broad tool and as such, we’re as open minded as you about what it exactly means to be a business in the 2020s.

Part of this is the concept of the ‘round-the-clock shop’ that never shuts. Online shop fronts are the pre-eminent selling tools of today. On offer are reliable, excitingly designed, user-friendly e-stores that do the hard work for you, enabling business owners more time on other facets of their pride and joy.

With the world moving quicker than ever, expressive takes a ‘mobile-first’ approach. Your store will be easy to read, exciting to use, and straightforward to buy from. Our desktop sites build on those key elements, but we believe no one should be at a disadvantage because of their device.

A Holistic Approach To E-commerce

In our quest to be industry leaders, we combine digital strategy with confident business knowledge and an intrinsic curiosity in the online sphere. We excel in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) while also implementing strong web design, brand engagement, reliable purchase payment and inventory systems, and overall dependability. We’ve been able to form these systems through years of resolute trial and error. Our aim is to always utilise industry-leading innovations to excel tried-and-tested principles.

As rapid as the shift from physical to online shopping and servicing has been, the fundamentals of good business have been in place for hundreds of years. Businesses need to be there for their customers. By installing customer relationship management (CRM) software, we ensure that you’re always contactable across all channels, ensuring potential sales are never lost. We enable phone numbers and email addresses to strongly show themselves on search engines, as well as other points-of-contact on your site proper.

With years of experience, we can adapt the best payment methods to ease transactions in dependable, trustworthy payment gateways. There are no passports online and no business caters just to their neighbourhood: worldwide, 24/7 dependable payment is guaranteed.

Dominate the online sphere.

In our eyes, no business starts with an advantage. Whether it’s a motivated start-up, passion project-side hustle, or an established inter-generational business: it all comes down to respecting your buyers and upping your income. We keenly develop your business with passion regardless of your step on the ladder. All projects are equal – whether selling to a dozen dedicated hobbyists or customer bases in their thousands.